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  • MeloMania is currently laying their heart & soul down to music in the studio for their upcoming release, “The Obsession EP”. Connect with the band on social media to keep up with their progress, and be the first to know when #TheObsessionEP drops!

  • Find out loads of neat stuff about Sara, Jacob and Jordan, along with their #1 reason for being obsessed with music. Click here to meet the band.

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  • MeloMania to Perform at “Wednesdays On The Point Fest”!

    After a great performance this past July, MeloMania has been invited back to perform at “Wednesdays On The Point Fest” with Flow Tribe @ 6PM, June 12th on Algiers Point in New Orleans! We’re getting excited to reveal songs from our highly anticipated studio album, and it’ll be a blast to perform in our hometown [...]


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